XLOGO: Reference Manual

Loīc Le Coq

Translators: Guy Walker

July 8, 2009 PIC http://xlogo.tuxfamily.org

1 Introduction
2 Install XLOGO
 2.1 XLOGO Configuration
 2.2 XLOGO Updates
 2.3 Uninstall
3 Interface features:
 3.1 First run
 3.2 The main window
 3.3 The procedure editor
 3.4 Quit XLOGO
4 Menu options:
 4.1 “File” Menu
 4.2 “Edit” Menu
 4.3 “Tools” Menu
 4.4 “Help” Menu
5 Conventions adopted by XLOGO
 5.1 Commands and their interpretation
 5.2 Procedures
 5.3 Specific character \
 5.4 Case-sensitivity
 5.5 Operators and syntax
6 Basic primitives
 6.1 New primitives
 6.2 Drawing a regular polygon
 6.3 Saving a procedure
 6.4 Exercice ...
7 Using coordinates
 7.1 Presentation
 7.2 Exercice:
8 Variables
 8.1 Examples
 8.2 Drawing a rectangle with chosen dimension
 8.3 Drawing at different scales
 8.4 Exercice:
9 Recursion
 9.1 With drawing area.
 9.2 With the text zone
 9.3 A fractal example: Van Koch snowflake
 9.4 Recursion with words
 9.5 Calculate a factorial
 9.6 π Approximation
10 Create an animation
 10.1 Calculator’s numbers
 10.2 Second animation: The growing man
11 Interact with the user
 11.1 Question-answer
 11.2 Programming a little game.
12 Topic: Two dice sum
 12.1 Simulating rolling one die.
 12.2 The program
13 Topic: Probabilistic approximation of π
 13.1 GCD (Greatest Common Divisor)
 13.2 Euclidean algorithm
 13.3 Calculate a GCD in LOGO programming
 13.4 Calculating π-approximation
 13.5 More complex: π generating π.....
14 Topic: Menger’s sponge
 14.1 Using recursion
 14.2 Second approach: Drawing a Menger sponge, order 4
15 Topic: Lindenmayer system
 15.1 Formal definition
 15.2 Turtle interpretation
A List of primitives
 A.1 Movement of the turtle; pen and color settings
 A.2 Turtle and 3D
 A.3 Arithmetical and logical operations
 A.4 Operations on lists
 A.5 Booleans
 A.6 Testing an expression with the primitive if
 A.7 The workspace
 A.8 Advanced fill function:
 A.9 Break commands
 A.10 Multiturtle Mode
 A.11 Play music
 A.12 Loops:
 A.13 Receiving input from the user
 A.14 Time and date
 A.15 Using a network with XLogo
B Launching XLOGO with command line
C Executing Xlogo from the WEB
 C.1 The problem
 C.2 How to create the jnlp file
D Solutions
 D.1 Chapitre 5
 D.2 Chapter 6
 D.3 Chapter 7
 D.4 Chapter 9:
E FAQ - Tricks Things to know
 E.1 Though I erase a procedure from the editor, it keeps on popping back!
 E.2 I’m using the version in Esperanto but I can’t write with the special characters!
 E.3 In the Sound tab from the Preferences dialogue box, no instrument can be found.
 E.4 How to quickly retype a command used previously?
 E.5 How can you help?