5.3 Specific character \

The specific character \ (backslash) allows the creation of words containing blank or line feed symbols. If \n is used, the phrase skips to the following line, and \␣ followed by a blank means a blank in a word. Example:

pr "xlogo\ xlogo  
xlogo xlogo  
pr "xlogo\nxlogo  

You can therefore only write the \ symbol by typing \\.

Similar behaviour, characters ( ) [ ] # are specific delimiters of Logo. If you want to use them in a word, you just have to add the character \before.

All \ only symbols are ignored. This remark is especially important for the use of files.

To set your current directory path to c:\My Documents:

setdir "c:\\My\ Documents.

Please note the use of \␣ to notify the space between My and Documents. If, you forget the double backslash, the path that will be defined will then be c:My Documents and the interpretor will send you an error message.