Faster is Better

Note for Developers

If you are creating a LiveUSB then please look at the section about aligning partitions on the page on making Live USBs. It gives simple instructions on an easy way to get peak performance from a USB stick. The instructions were developed for solid-state drives but the same ideas should apply to USB flash sticks as well.

Optimization Options

These options are all designed to make antiX boot and run faster.


turn off some services usually not needed in a LiveCD/USB environment.

Should we list them?


Disable network connections. One way to re-enable the network is to start the network service (as root):

$ /etc/init.d/networking start

this works for my wired connection. Does it work for wireless too?


Copy the linuxfs file into RAM to speed up operations. This is most useful if you are booting off of a LiveCD. It can also be useful booting off of a LiveDVD or a LiveUSB but the speed-up will be less dramatic. One downside is that the entire linuxfs file must be read at boot-time which causes a significant delay when booting. The other downside is that you need to have enough RAM in your system to hold the entire linuxfs file as well as have enough left over for running the system and making changes to the file system.


disable even more services.

Should we list them?