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Mechanical Tower

🗃️ Specifications

📰 Title: Mechanical Tower 🕹️ / 🛠️ Type: Game
🗃️ Genre: Strategy 🚦 Status:
🏷️ Category: Strategy ➤ TD & DK ➤ Dungeon Keeper 🍥️ Name:
🔖 Tags: Steampunk 📦️ Arch:
🐣️ Approx. start: 🍥️ On Deb repo:
🐤️ Latest: 2009-10-08 📦️ Deb:
📍️ Version: 1.0.1 📦️ RPM:
🏛️ License type: FOSS/Libre 📦️ AppImage:
🏛️ License: GPL-2+ 📦️ Snap:
🏝️ Perspective: Third person 📦️ Flatpak:
👁️ Visual: 3D ⚙️ Generic bin.: ✓
⏱️ Pacing: Turn-Based 📄️ Source: ✓
👫️ Played: Single 🌍️ Browser-based:
🎖️ This record: 4 stars 📱️ PDA support:
🎖️ Game design: 👫️ Contrib.: Goupil & Louis
🎰️ ID: 11904 🐛️ Created: 2010-08-20
🐜️ Updated: 2020-12-12

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📕 Description [fr]

Mechanical Tower est un jeu de défense de tour proche de Dungeon Keeper, par Mikkosoft Productions.

Vous incarnez un sombre roboticien. Vos derniers plans de domination mondiale ont peut-être été un peu trop ambitieux, la résultante est que vos créations robotiques se sont détraquées et se sont mises en tête de prendre d'assaut votre tour.
A vous de construire des pièges pour les détruire avant qu'ils ne vous atteignent, ou vous pâtirez des conséquences.
Parmi les 6 différents pièges à votre disposition figure la porte piège : elle vous permet de renvoyer l'assaut au niveau précédent afin de bénéficier d'un autre essai sur le niveau actuel.

Principes du jeu Dungeon Keeper : le joueur incarne le méchant, un gardien de souterrains peuplés de créatures, et doit donc veiller à sa protection et à son développement en éliminant ses nombreux assaillants (les gentils venus chercher gloire et richesse) par la mise en oeuvre de pièges et de sortilèges mais aussi en leur envoyant toutes sortes de créatures.

Ce jeu a décroché la 8ème place (sur 17) lors de la compétition "Assembly 2009 gamedev".

📕 Description [en]

You are a mad roboticist of the steampunk age. Your latest plan of world domination was perhaps a bit overambitious, and now your robotic creations have gone haywire and are assaulting your tower. You must build traps to destroy them before they reach you - or suffer the consequences.

Mechanical Tower is a tower defense game. But instead of defending with towers, you defend in a tower, with traps. Among the six different traps is a trapdoor, which allows dropping the assaulting clanks to the previous floor to have another go with the traps there.

🚧️ Installation [fr]

Nota :
Certaines cartes graphiques peuvent ne pas supporter certaines fonctionnalités graphiques utilisées. L'auteur suggère dans ce cas de lancer le jeu en ajoutant le paramètre --lowgfx

FONCTIONNEMENT (extrait du fichier Readme.txt) :
How to play

When you start the game, the majority of the screen is taken up by a view of
the first floor of your tower. Initially you can only work on this floor,
but you will get access to higher floors soon enough. On the top of the
screen is a toolbar listing your available traps, and on the bottom is a
status bar.

Your first task is to evaluate the routes the routes the clanks may take.
Entrances to and exits from the floor are marked with green arrows. Often
there will be more than one possible route and you will need to block some
of them in order to avoid defending on multiple fronts.

Once you've formulated a plan, proceed to build walls to create a narrow
corridor. Some traps need to be installed near or between walls, and it
will force the clanks to walk over your traps. You may want to save your
cogs for traps and not build the corridor all in one go.

Now that you have a well-defendable corridor, it's time to fill it with
traps. Concentrate on the damage-dealing traps at first - you won't need
the more special ones for the first few waves, and your starting funds are
rather limited.

As you destroy clanks, you will be awarded with more cogs to bolster your
defenses with. When you've successfully destroyed an entire wave of clanks,
a hefty bonus will be deposited in your coffers.

If a clank manages to climb the stairs at the highest floor and reaches your
study, emergency defenses must be deployed. However, doing so costs a large
number of cogs per clank, so it's better to destroy them before they get that

3. Clanks

3.1. Walker

This is the most basic clank. It walks on two legs and has no special

3.2. Roller

This heavily armored clank rolls around with two wheels. Acid spray can be
utilized to corrode its armor and make it easier to kill.

3.3. Hopper

Constructed of a metal ball and a spring, this clank moves with little hops.
Occasionally it will perform a much higher and longer jump, avoiding damage
from some traps.

3.4. Bosses

At regular intervals you will encounter a wave of clanks which are
considerably tougher than the regular ones. Prepare well, for even one could
spell your doom unless you're well stocked with cogs.

4. Traps

4.1. Sawblade

A large sawblade rolls back and forth between walls.

Extra blades:
Up to three extra blades can be added to this trap

Tungsten Cardibe:
Increases damage by 25%

4.2. Furnace

A metal grating with fiery coals underneath it burns anything walking over

White hot:
Increases damage by 50%

The flames will occasionally go wild for a great temporary boost in damage

4.3. Lightning rod

Lightning strikes at clanks from rods installed on the walls, arcing to hit
multiple targets.

High voltage:
Increases damage by 25% and adds an extra arc, up to five targets

Alternating current:
Clanks are stunned momentarily by the lightning

4.4. Acid spray

Installed on the walls, these acid dispensers will permanently reduce the
armor of any clanks passing by. Synergy bonus for being on the same tile
with a furnace. No direct damage.

Sulphuric Acid / Aqua Regia:
Increases the potency of the acid to 2x/3x the base

4.5. Rubble

Slows down clanks walking over it, as they have to carefully choose stable
footholds. No direct damage.

Sharp metal spikes make it even more difficult for clanks to negotiate the

4.6. Trapdoor

A trapdoor on the floor opens up and drops clanks to the previous floor.
Unfortunately the mechanism is rather unreliable and tends to get stuck.

Improves the chances of the trapdoor opening, but wears off over time

4.7. Wall

While they are not traps themselves, walls are nevertheless crucial for
building formidable defenses.

Creates an opening in the wall for clanks to pass through

5. Hints

Rubble works well in combination with sawblades and lightning rods, making
the clanks stay longer on that tile.

The electric arcs of a lightning rod can reach far outside its own tile,
stunning clanks in front of other traps.

When planning the layout of a floor, think of where you could drop clanks
from a trapdoor.

6. Controls


LMB Use selected tool
RMB Upgrade traps
Wheel Rotate the view

Shortcut keys for tools:

W Wall
S Sawblade
F Furnace
T Trapdoor
L Lightning rod
R Rubble
A Acid spray
U Upgrade

Other shortcuts:

N Launch next wave
Q Toggle speed-up
Esc Pause / menu
PgUp Floor up
PgDn Floor down

7. Options

There are a few options which can be specified on the command line:

--resolution WxH

8. Known problems and troubleshooting

Problem: The game runs very slowly on Vista or Windows 7

Solution: This may be due to OpenAL. Try using the --nosound option.

Solution: Aero may interfere with rendering. Try disabling compositing
from the compatibility options for the game, or running in fullscreen mode.

Problem: The game only shows a white/black screen on Vista or Windows 7

Solution: Some advanced features do not seem to render properly on all
systems. Try using the --nogfx option.

Problem: The game slows down when I spam furnaces

Solution: The volumetric flame effect is unfortunately quite a resource
hog. Use the --lowgfx option to get a particle flame instead.