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Deponia 1, 2, 3, 4

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📰 Title: Deponia 1, 2, 3, 4 🕹️ / 🛠️ Type: Game
🗃️ Genre: Adventure & Action 🚦 Status:
🏷️ Category: Adventure & Action ➤ Puzzle ➤ Misc. 🍥️ Name:
🔖 Tags: Adventure; Puzzle; Steampunk; Dystopian; Sci-fi; Dark Humor; Comedy; Funny; Atmospheric; Story Rich; Hand-Drawn 📦️ Arch:
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🏝️ Perspective: Third person 📦️ Flatpak:
👁️ Visual: 2.5D ⚙️ Generic bin.:
⏱️ Pacing: Point and Click 📄️ Source:
👫️ Played: Single 🌍️ Browser-based:
🎖️ This record: 5 stars 📱️ PDA support:
🎖️ Game design: 👫️ Contrib.: Goupil & Louis
🎰️ ID: 14832 🐛️ Created: 2015-10-04
🐜️ Updated: 2020-12-12

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[fr]: Une série de pointer-et-cliquer, sur un ton humoristique, mettant en scène les mésaventures de Rufus, un habitant - et antihéros, de la planète Deponia - une planète poubelle, autour de laquelle gravite Elysium, une ville flottante paradisiaque et quasiment inaccessible pour les habitants de Deponia. Un jour la vie de Rufus bascule lorsqu'une jeune fille nommée Goal - une habitante d'Elysium, se retrouve par erreur sur Deponia ... [en]: A point-and-click adventure game following the misadventures of Rufus, a guy with wild dreams of escaping his village Kuvaq, located on a junk covered world called Deponia. He dreams of a better life in the floating cities of wealth and beauty high above the planet surface. When as a result of one of Rufus` failed attempts to launch himself into orbit, the angelic Goal falls from these privileged spheres down into a neighboring trash heap, Rufus sees his chance…

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📕 Description [fr]

Une série de pointer-et-cliquer mettant en scène les mésaventures de Rufus, un habitant - et antihéros, de la planète Deponia, par le studio Daedalic Entertainment.
Il utilise le moteur Visionaire.

Deponia est une série de pointer-et-cliquer, sur un ton humoristique, mettant en scène les mésaventures de Rufus, un habitant - et antihéros, de la planète Deponia - une planète poubelle, autour de laquelle gravite Elysium, une ville flottante paradisiaque et quasiment inaccessible pour les habitants de Deponia. Un jour la vie de Rufus bascule lorsqu'une jeune fille nommée Goal - une habitante d'Elysium, se retrouve par erreur sur Deponia ...

🌍️ Wikipedia :

Deponia est un jeu vidéo d'aventure de type point & click développé par le studio allemand Daedalic Entertainment et sorti en 2012 en Allemagne. Le jeu est édité en France par Micro Application en juin 2012. Deponia est le premier volet d'une quadrilogie éponyme développée par Daedalic Entertainment, précédant les volets Chaos on Deponia, Goodbye Deponia et Deponia Doomsday. En Allemagne, le jeu a reçu de bonnes critiques.



Le jeu se déroule dans un univers imaginaire : la planète « Deponia » consiste en une gigantesque décharge à ciel ouvert, autour de laquelle gravite Elysium, plateforme paradisiaque et quasiment injoignable par les habitants de Deponia. Sur Elysium vivent donc des personnes beaucoup plus aisées que les habitants de Deponia.


Sur Deponia, Rufus rêve d'une vie meilleure faite de richesses et de luxe (Rufus est un personnage à l'ego surdimensionné, ce qui crée une dimension humoristique). Sa vie prend un tournant lorsqu'une jeune fille nommée Goal, provenant d'Elysium, se retrouve par erreur sur Deponia. Rufus entreprend alors de la ramener chez elle en espérant personnellement pouvoir ainsi changer de vie.

📕 Description [en]

Deponia 1:


Prepare yourself for the new out-of-this-world adventure from the makers of Edna & Harvey, The Whispered World and A New Beginning!
Rufus is not a pleasant guy. Ill-tempered and entirely too convinced of his own greatness, he lives at the edge of a small settlement somewhere in the most remote sector of the garbage-covered planet Deponia.

He dreams of a better life in the floating cities of wealth and beauty high above the planet surface. When as a result of one of Rufus` failed attempts to launch himself into orbit, the angelic Goal falls from these privileged spheres down into a neighboring trash heap, Rufus sees his chance. He decides to bring the unconscious beauty back to her home in exchange for a life in luxury. But the planned handover soon dissolves into a wild chase full of puzzling perplexities and mystifying mix-ups…

The world of Deponia has many similarities to a layer cake: Right at the top, you’ll find a sugary, eye-pleasing coating of cream, below that the dry and tasteless center, and once you get to the bottom, you wonder whether you should have only ordered coffee.

The upper layer –ELYSIUM

The upper class live in the white city Elysium, floating in the clouds far above Deponia. Little is known about Elysium, but people say that the Elysians do not have to work and lead a perfect, care-free life. While the Elysians are a mystery to the people on Deponia, their trash is not. For generations, the upper classes have offloaded their junk by simply dumping it on the planet surface.

The middle layer – THE ORGANON

The middle layer is a network of rail tracks that span the whole planet, built on enormous concrete stilts. This is the home of the cheerless magistrates of the control council that is known everywhere only as the Organon. From their desks in their grey office buildings, they police the planet and send out their clone armies to crush Deponian resistance. The uniformed officers patrol the surface of Deponia with giant monorail cruisers and are feared by the people of Deponia for their brutality and dehumanized appearance.

The lowest layer – DEPONIA

The surface of Deponia is one planet-wide garbage dump. The Deponians are used to a life in midst debris and have built their dwellings right into the mountains of garbage. The result is an enormous adventure playground inhabited by a weird cast of characters that have mastered the art of improvisation and have formed communities that live in a weird symbiosis with other people’s trash.


The small village of Kuvaq was built directly into a hollowed out mountain of garbage. The local economy revolves around the excavation of trash. Through a vast mining shaft at the center of the village, the inhabitants dig for useful thing they can trade. Even their houses have been constructed from materials found in the mines.

The town hall is the social hub of Kuvaq, though since the mayor Lotek is holed up in his office in a deep slumber, he is never available. Other attractions include the post office and its fully-automated distribution system that uses trained kittens, Toni’s Used Goods Store, Lonzo’s Bar, and the emergency station, which is manned solely by the very busy Gizmo, who is the city’s fire department, police force and surgeon all in one.


With their giant cruisers, the Organon patrols the planet surface of Deponia from high up on the concrete rails. They are always on the look-out for delinquents who dare challenge them. Rufus has formulated a daring plan to attach himself to one of these cruisers, in order to be carried along to the next elevator leading up to higher spheres.

The Garbage Mines

schrottminenThe garbage mines lie just outside of Kuvaq and are the community’s lifeline. They house an ancient system of rails that form the only connection between Kuvaq and the northern regions of Deponia. Over the years, the system has been extended again and again to produce an utterly tangled chaos of tunnels and viaducts. Still, it is the only safe way to traverse the humongous trash canyons that isolate the Kuvaq valley from the world outside.

The Lower Elevator

untere-aufstiegsstationOnce the greatest transit hub and most important trading post with the upper spheres, the Lower Elevator is now a mere ruin, since the demand for products from Deponia has stopped. Nevertheless, the area is still a popular place with smugglers, scrap traders and pirates, making it a rather unsafe place.

Deponia 2 - Chaos on Deponia:

Oh boy, what a mess!

Rufus home planet Deponia is a giant scrapyard and in addition the elysian council just gave the order to demolish it.

Only the beautiful Goal could save Deponia and stop the explosion. But Goal is stuck with Rufus on the swimming black market which is the biggest rat whole. Furthermore her brain implant – which holds the codes that assure a save journey to Elysium seems to be damaged. At least it’s not just a saying, that you can get everything on the swimming black market. Even a brain surgery. But after mild complications Rufus finds Goal’s mind splitted into three different personalities. Now the chaos is complete.
Rufus has to deal with Goal’s three personalities in order to calm her down and to protect her from her angry fiancé Cletus, from the Organon, from the unorganized crime or even a group of rebellions.

The most bizarre and yet sweet romance in gaming history takes place right between duckbills, burning saw blades, anti gravity socks and torpedo-dolphins. And therefore Rufus is not just responsible to safe the world and to prevent the evil plans of the Organon, but also to win someone’s heart who is literally three different persons at ones.
To make it short: The fate of the whole world depends on Rufus charm and his abilities to handle Goal… Well this might be a blessing in disguise.

Deponia 3 - Goodbye Deponia:

More chaos, more destruction, more Rufus. Not one, not two, but three Rufuses cause all kinds of crazy mayhem in the long-awaited point & click adventure comedy Goodbye Deponia: The Organon plans the destruction of Deponia, the lovely Goal has (once again) disappeared, and anti-hero Rufus just can’t seem to stop getting in his own way.

All inventor and free spirit Rufus wanted to do was to get off the junkyard planet of Deponia and move to Elysium, the paradise orbiting Deponia as a spaceship reserved for the highest echelons of society. Goal, the ex-Elysian girl that Rufus has fallen head over heels for, still seems to be the key to his endeavor…and to the elevator that will get him to space. Finally, Rufus has come up with a seemingly perfect plan.

And yet, everything that could possibly go wrong suddenly does go wrong. Rufus finds himself (initially in disguise) on a highway cruiser amongst stern-faced officials of the Organon, while Goal goes missing. When Rufus stumbles upon a cloning machine, he believes to have found his way out. A clone copy is supposed to help him out of his predicament. But an “inexplicable” error causes complications and Goal slips from our hero’s reach once again. Now, he has to solve three major problems: He needs to find Goal again, reach Elysium and prevent the destruction of the entire planet of Deponia by the hand of the Organon.
Three problems that only three Rufuses could solve – and thus, the luckless inventor decides to clone himself! This leads to crazy ramifications for the player: In Goodbye Deponia, the player occasionally needs to control all three Rufuses, using them to complete tasks together – despite Rufus stumbling over himself so often.

Goodbye Deponia is the epic conclusion to the Deponia trilogy and sequel to the best German game of 2013 (German Computer Game Awards).
The award-winning Deponia series comprises of three wacky tales of adventure from the junkyard planet Deponia. These classic point & click romps not only delight comedy fans and adventure veterans, but also newcomers to the genre. The humorous Deponia series impresses with beautiful, hand-drawn 2D comic graphics, sarcastic dialogues and plenty of black humor. It has received numerous press awards, among them the German Computer Game Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis) and many other German developer awards.

Deponia 4 - Deponia Doomsday:

One fateful night, Rufus awakes from a haunting nightmare:
he sacrificed himself to save Deponia. But at what price? Elysium, the floating city crash-landed on the planet. As the last surviving Deponian, he fought savage fewlocks, but in the end, there was only one way out: He had to blow up Deponia! And… He grew a mustache.
Of course he realized that these gruesome events -especially the mustache part- had to be prevented from ever happening. Deponia and his well-shaved face had to survive!

But was this really just a dream? With the help of McChronicle, a quirky temporal scientist, who discovered strange time-anomalies, Rufus discovers that some time travelers from the future carelessly parked their time machine in his neighborhood. Just imagine if this amazing technology would fall into the wrong hands!

Dive right into this frantic sequel of the Deponia cult-trilogy and join the chaotic anti-hero Rufus on his most peculiar adventure. Even without knowing the previous installment, the hilarity of Deponia Doomsday will have you cracking smiles and burst with laughter.
Get enthralled by the bizarre humor and the uniquely designed world and enjoy the largest and longest Deponia adventure of all time.

🌍️ Wikipedia:

Deponia 1:

Deponia is a point-and-click adventure game following the misadventures of Rufus, a guy with wild dreams of escaping his village Kuvaq, located on a junk covered world called Deponia. Developed by Daedalic Entertainment and published on 27 January 2012 in Germany for Windows and Mac, the original game was entirely in German (the name Deponia is a reference to the German word "Deponie", meaning a landfill site) and was the first in a planned trilogy of games by Daedalic with the second, Chaos on Deponia, being published on 12 October 2012 in Germany and the third Goodbye Deponia, being published on 15 October 2013. The English version of the first game was released on 7 August 2012 with entirely new voice acting across the board. In July 2015, Daedalic Entertainment announced that the series would be heading to iPad, with the first chapter releasing in mid-August. Deponia received generally positive scores from reviewers, with 74 out of 100 being listed on Metacritic. Although it was originally a trilogy, a fourth installment Deponia Doomsday was released on 1st of March 2016. According its designers the fourth installment is not a prequel nor sequel, but a "parallelic".


Core game play is focused around 2.5D levels of varying sizes, in which the player must interact with objects in a variety of different ways, including picking up smaller items, activating machines and combining objects together, all in the pursuit of solving puzzles to further advance the plot line.



"There is a lot to say about Rufus, but not much of it positive. He is a selfish, ill-tempered egocentric who believes that he is destined for something better. He has no regard of others and when somebody gets hurt during one of his poorly conceived and constantly backfiring plans Rufus is totally unable to admit that it is his fault. Rufus is surrounded by chaos. He is a magnet for catastrophe. The nicest thing you could say about him is that he does not intend to harm anybody, but this is only because he does not care about anyone but himself. In Short Rufus is a Narcissist That is until he meets Goal…"


"Goal is the iconic girl from the upper spheres Rufus falls in love with. She is beautiful, amiable, goodhearted and clever. But Rufus wouldn't know in the first place, because she is rendered unconscious after she falls onto the surface just before their first encounter. Her brain implant is damaged. Due to this he can project his idea of perfection onto her: a noble maiden from above in need of rescue."


"Toni is Rufus’ ex-girlfriend and has little good to say about him. She enjoys seeing Rufus suffer severe injuries in his attempts to escape from Deponia. But in her heart, Toni is basically a good person. She continues to support Rufus, not having the heart to leave him out to dry. After all, he wouldn't last two days, if he didn't have her to mooch off."


"Wenzel is Rufus’ sidekick, at least that’s what Rufus thinks. In fact, Wenzel is more like a parasite: He supports Rufus in his attempts to escape from Deponia only because he wouldn’t want to miss Rufus’ spectacular failures, crash-landings, explosions and painful bone fractures. He also fancies it a good way of getting rid of Rufus once and for all, having had an eye on Rufus’ possessions – as pitiful as they may be – for quite a while."


"The small community of Kuvaq likes to keep its bureaucratic apparatus slick and efficient. That’s why the positions of police inspector, doctor and fire department are all united in one person: Gizmo. He fulfills his duties – more or less – admirably and both he as well as his equipment are very versatile."

Bailiff Argus

"The obtuse bureaucrat Bailiff Argus is a practical man of respect with military manners, devoid of humour. He is the right hand man of the evil Chief Control Council Shellert, who rules the powerful bureaucratic force only known as “the Organon.” Argus and his cronies are sent to hunt down Rufus and return Goal to the Elysian spheres."


The plot commences after a short tutorial featuring Rufus and Wenzel.

Part 1 - Kuvaq

The game begins proper in Rufus's bedroom. It is revealed he is leaving soon, and after packing up a few items he exits the house to a makeshift launch deck. It is there he is joined by Wenzel and Toni, who mock his attempts to leave before he attaches himself to a rocket and fires himself towards an approaching train belonging to the Organon. After his 'rocket' breaks apart mid-flight, Rufus eventually ends up on the airship, where he retrieves his supplies and attempts to gain further access to the ship. It is at this point that the Elysian Pixie, Goal, is introduced, being harassed by the Organon guards on the ship. When Rufus tries to rescue her from her predicament, he inadvertently knocks them both off the ship and back into Kuvaq. Rufus, who has been separated from Goal, now proceeds to search for her, and eventually finds her unconscious in the town hall, with a long line of people queuing up outside for the honor of looking after her. After meeting Gizmo and taking a number from the waiting machine, Rufus causes chaos in the city by detonating explosives, causing the people to disperse and allowing him to skip to the front of the line. To awaken Goal, he then has to use a particularly potent coffee made from a long list of bizarre ingredients. During this quest, Rufus inadvertently gives Wenzel his Dad's water diviner which he then uses to find clean water, thus making him rich and leading him to believe that Goal will now be entrusted to his care. Rufus eventually finds all the ingredients for, and makes the coffee, but when he attempts to give it to Goal, he is stopped by an assortment of people, who he manages to distract in a variety of ways. Upon taking the coffee, Goal wakes up but after learning about Rufus, punches him in the face. When he finally wakes up and tries to talk to Goal, she can only talk gibberish, but Rufus manages to determine that Cletus is the fiance of Goal, and that he will reward him handsomely for her return. By sabotaging the post office, Rufus manages to contact Cletus and convinces him to take him to Elysium. They arrange to meet at Lower Ascension Station on the top platform after sunset tomorrow. At this point, Rufus is arrested by Gizmo, and Bailiff Argus arrives to pick up Goal. Rufus escapes and saves Goal once again, before blowing up Wenzel's house and escaping into the Garbage Mine.

Part 2 - Garbage Mine

Upon arriving in the garbage mine loading area, Rufus begins to search around. Goal is still unconscious at this point, and so when a bridge collapses they are separated by the resulting chasm. Rufus uses a crane to collect Goal from the other side, and then continues on to the Mine Railway Control Building. He discovers a Mine Bike which he believes will be able to transport him and Goal up to the Ascension station, but on closer inspection, he discovers some key parts are missing. After meeting 'Doc', a handyman/spare parts dealer/brain surgeon, Rufus learns how to fix the bike, and proceeds to take it on a joy ride. He is able to ride the bike to the upper level, through use of a convenient switch in a control room, where he is able to check a map of the railway, and then ride the bike back down to the bottom with a couple of key components which he needs to switch on some of the lights in the dark outer tunnels. Rufus returns to Goal with the bike, loads her onto it with the crane after taking some meditation lessons from Doc and then drives himself and Goal to the Lower Ascension Station through a difficult maze.

Part 3 - Lower Ascension Station

Whilst Goal is still asleep, Rufus attempts to find a way to the upper platform to meet Cletus. After revealing that this was where his father left him (to leave for Elysium), he begins to search around. Once he has reprogrammed a lift, and risen to the top platform, Rufus overhears a conversation between Cletus and Argus in which it is revealed that they are plotting together, and that Goal is only needed because there is information stored in her malfunctioning brain implant. The Prime Controller, Ulysses, is also in on the plot. Rufus follows Cletus, with whom he shares a striking resemblance, eventually confronting him and discovering that Deponia is to be blown up, and that Cletus is in possession of a backup memory implant for Goal which contains no memory of it. Rufus declares that he hates Deponia in a similar style to that of his father. He then tries to head back down, only to be stopped by Argus, who he can't pass by for fear of the Organon. Disguising himself as Cletus, Rufus is able to slip through, only to discover that Goal is missing. After following the trail, he ends up at Captain Bozo's Trash heap, where he is reunited with Goal and Doc. After sorting out her implants, Goal awakens, and is brought up to date by Rufus. They discuss their plan, and return to the station, taking out a group of soldiers with the crane. After taking care of Cletus, Goal and Rufus ascend to Elysium, while Rufus comes clean about everything to Goal, who demands her memory implant back. Rufus returns to the planet, where he meets Cletus again and gives him the memory cartridge. Goal wakes up, and her and Cletus return to Elysium. Argus decides not to let Rufus go because he knows too much, and so Rufus returns to Captain Bozo.

Deponia 2 - Chaos on Deponia:

Chaos on Deponia is a 2012 point-and-click adventure game developed by Daedalic Entertainment. A sequel to Deponia, it focuses on the main character Rufus's attempts to escape from a planet called Deponia.

After the events on Deponia, it seems that Rufus came to his senses. He's grown prudent, amicable, kind and caring, without any intention to cause major mayhem just to further his own selfish ends. It seems he is far from chaining himself to flaming saw blades, training torpedo-dolphins or foraging through platypus nests. Or is he? Ultimately it's a flaming saw blade grounding Goal on Deponia again. By accident, her consciousness gets split into three parts and stored to three different discs. Now it's on Rufus once again to convince all three parts of Goal, utilizing his remarkable charming wits, to become one again, venture to Elysium with her and save Deponia from certain doom while he's at it. The second adventure on Deponia tells a unique, self-contained story playable without further knowledge of the first installment. Fans of the first game discover new aspects of familiar characters' backgrounds and see open questions answered.

Deponia 3 - Goodbye Deponia:


Anti-hero Rufus still lives on the planet Deponia which is nothing more than a dump. He still wishes to become an inhabitant of Elysium, the flying city. Furthermore, he wants to stop the Organon. This military organization deceived the Elysian government by telling them Deponia is not inhabited any more and it would be better to blow up the planet. Rufus gets help from pirate Bozo, the Elysium girl Goal and the resistance.

En route to the upper ascension station via Bozo's cruiser, Rufus and Goal get stuck on an Organnon cruiser behind them. While trying to save Goal, Rufus meets Barry, his biggest fan who wants to watch Rufus in action. Rufus frees Goal, destroying Bozo's cruiser in the process.

Rufus, Goal, Doc and Bozo are forced to continue their trip to the upper ascension station in Porta Fisco by foot. They overnight in a hotel. There, Doc and Bozo set up a lab so the three Goal personalities can be finally merged. Doc and Bozo deceive Rufus by telling him he must look for an important object (of which they think does not exist).

Meanwhile, Argus sends Cletus and Opperbot on a mission to find Goal after they noticed they captured Donna instead of Goal. Rufus finds out Cletus has the important object in his room. Once in possession he returns to the lab but it seems the operation is already finished with success. A furious Rufus leaves the lab and runs into Argus who just arrived with Donna. After some hide-and-seek, Rufus (currently wearing Cletus' clothes) can convince Argus he is Cletus (Rufus and Cletus are look-alikes). A disguised Goal claims to be Donna. The plan works and Argus takes them to the last Organon-cruiser in Porta Fisco.

Aboard the cruiser, Rufus removes his disguise before being warned about the cameras in the room. He attempts to erase the footage and Goal is taken to be interrogated by Argus in the process. Rufus sneaks in inside a torture bot as Argus reveals his plan to conquer Elysium and wants Goal by his side. Much to Goal and Rufus' surprise, Argus removes his helmet to reveal he also looks just like Rufus. Rufus tries to free Goal by pushing random buttons but ends up injecting her with a lethal shot. As she dies, she admits her love for Rufus. Angered, Argus has the bot (not knowing Rufus is inside) thrown overboard.

Rufus ends up in a room similar to the tutorial of each game. He believes the room is Hell due to the repeated process of being killed by the crusher and returning to the room. Further investigation reveals the room is actually a cloning facility. Rufus manages to get past the machinery to find a man resembling Death. Rufus follows the man and finds out his name is Hermes. Hermes admits that he is responsible for the situation Rufus finds himself in. He discovered Utopia and got the idea to make Elysium to fly there. He thought up the idea to destroy Deponia to power Elysium, having forgotten that people still live there. He also created a line of clone workers to do the work. Hermes explains that Rufus, Cletus, and Argus are the last living prototypes of the clones. Rufus becomes infuriated and vandalizes the facility. Hermes becomes depressed and kills himself.

Suddenly, a dead woman falls out of the sky. Rufus recognizes Goal and wants to ask Hermes if there is a way to clone her. However, Hermes just committed suicide so Rufus first has to clone him. Once succeeded Goal is also cloned. However, she returns as a baby and falls in the drain. Rufus has three problems which must be solved at same time: to rescue baby Goal, to prevent the invasion of the Organon in Elysium and to prevent Deponia to be blown up. That's why he clones himself twice which means there are now three "Ruffi".

One Rufus ends up aboard the last Organon-cruiser while the other two end up in the resistance headquarters. They find the Captain Seagull is still alive and is the new leader. He's planning to fire a cannon at Elysium to prevent Deponia from being destroyed. One Rufus convinces him to hold off the attack until he can age Goal back to an adult. Seagull is really only allowing it hoping Rufus will fail and finally acknowledge how much of a failure Seagull thinks he is. Rufus ages baby Goal but she mutates into another Donna. Seagull demands Rufus gives up and resorts to threatening one clone with a gun while the other points out Rufus' faults. Rufus' deceased adoptive mother is mentioned pushing Seagull to fire the gun. The other resistance members intervene and the shot instead hits the other clone. Rufus carries his wounded clone to an escape vehicle but accidently backs it into the cannon preventing it from being fired.

Meanwhile, the Rufus on the cruiser has been working with Cletus, (whom he mistakes for one of the other Rufus clones). He makes the discovery that Goal was saved after the lethal injection incident. She's thrown from the cruiser and Rufus follows her on Opperbot. At the headquarters, Rufus is mourning the death of the other Rufus. Seagull prepares to kill Rufus when the Rufus riding Opperbot crashes into him killing them both. The last remaining Rufus reunites with Goal and apologizes to her and everyone for having doomed them all. However, Goal convinces everyone to give Rufus another chance pointing out it's thanks to him Deponia has not yet been destroyed. The resistance looks to Rufus for one last crazy idea. Rufus decides they will all cram into the vehicle inside the cannon and fire it at the cruiser.

The plan succeeds although Rufus is seen as Argus and taken to Ulysses, the leader of the Organon. Rufus is surprised when it turns out Ulysses is the father of Goal. Ulysses still has the intention to blow up Deponia which will also destroy the Organon cruiser. Ulysses thinks his daughter is in Elysium. Rufus can prove the opposite is true. However, the irreversible process for the detonation already started.

Rufus convinces Argus and Cletus to cooperate in order to destroy the bomb. This succeeds, but the three get stuck in the rotor which balances the cruiser. They are found by Goal who can only rescue one of them. She decides only to rescue Rufus but as the three wear the same outfit she does not know who Rufus actually is.

Ultimately, Rufus tells Goal that Cletus is actually Rufus and let's go to fall back to Deponia. Goal saves Cletus while Barry follows Rufus down, congratulating him for his selfless action and for saving everyone.

Goal takes “Rufus” to the council of Elysium. The council is concerned: due to the new situation Elysium is overpopulated and there are not enough resources. That's why they have the intention to destroy Elysium and move back to Deponia. Goal tells the council to listen to the advice of "Rufus". Cletus decides to give up his old identity and to live as Rufus as from now. Goal then leaves the scene and goes to a perch overlooking Deponia. She sighs hinting that she knew she picked Cletus over Rufus. It is not revealed whether the real Rufus survived the fall or not.

Deponia 4 - Deponia Doomsday:

Deponia Doomsday is a point-and-click adventure created by Daedalic Entertainment and released in March 2016. It is the fourth installment of the Deponia franchise. The first three parts are considered as a trilogy. This installment is a "paralellic".


The game follows the principles of a classic point-and-click adventure: the user controls Rufus as he travels across highly detailed backgrounds as the plot continues. Rufus can startup conversations with other characters and put items in his inventory for later use. These items, combined or not, are used to solve puzzles and advance the story. Furthermore, the game has some optional minigames.



In the intro, Goal explains briefly the history of Elysium. Her ancestors started a small settlement on Deponia. The settlement became a town, a city... Buildings became higher and higher, technology improved... At certain moment they built a spaceship called Elysium and left. During next decades Elysians forgot their own history and were sure Deponia was only a dumping ground where nobody lived anymore. That's why they wanted to blow up the planet. Things changed unexpectedly thanks to Rufus who could convince the Elders (= leaders) of Elysium he lives on Deponia thus the planet is inhabited. In an attempt to avoid a crash of Elysium, Rufus fell literally out of Elysium and died. As a result, nobody is aware Rufus is the hero who saved Deponia. Goal finishes her story but wonders what she should change if she was able to travel back in time and if these actions should lead to a better ending of her story. Next, the game moves to Deponia, now an ice planet due to a nuclear winter, where an old Rufus, followed by Fewlocks (big yellow dangerous predators), arrives at the tower which should have destroyed Deponia in the original plan of the Elysians. Not much further, a fallen Elysium can be seen. Rufus activates the bomb on which the planet is about to explode.

The game

The young Rufus awakes from a nightmare. He is about to leave to Elysium with an air balloon. He only has to wrap up some crystal glasses, currently standing outside, and to pick up his girlfriend Toni. Once outside, he gets déjà vu and thinks all of this happened before: the crystal glasses will be destroyed, Toni and he will split up and there is a conspiracy of the Organon. Not much later the glasses are indeed destroyed by the car of professor McChronicle: an expert in temporary physics and the fourth dimension. His car is actually a time machine to travel back at some point in near past. He is not eager to use the device as it will create a time split and the consequences are not fully known. Rufus activates the machine and time is turned back until some seconds before McChronicle arrives at the balloon. McChronicle arrives with the car and Rufus tries to give parking instructions. He is however distracted by a pink elephant thus the glasses are broken again. Rufus reactivates the machine, but identically the same scenario repeats. McChronicle is somehow astonished Rufus could remember the future: normally this is only possible when the time travelers wear a special hood, but he doesn't question further. Rufus also realizes everything that's happened in the Deponia-trilogy must have been a dream as the time frame in which those events take place still have to come.

Rufus and Tuck, a drunk, try to figure out a method how to catch the elephant in the past. They reveal the elephant is hiding in the abandoned shopping mall. After they catch the "animal" it turns out to be the oversized mother of Toni who suffers obesity on which Toni ends the relationship. Rufus leaves with the balloon alone but it catches fire. It crashes in the town and sets the other buildings in fire. Rufus meets the "real elephant" although it are some men in disguise as they do not want to reveal their real identity. They warn Rufus "everything should be exactly the same as it was before" but he catapults them away. Rufus and McChronicle find a time travelling shuttle in the mall. It is able to create wormholes and they decide to travel to Elysium, which they can select from the time-pod graphical user interface. However, they end up in a crashed Elysium. There he meets Goal, although she is some years older as in his dream. She also recognizes him. Rufus realizes the events in the Deponia-trilogy did/will take place.

McChronicle, Goal and Rufus use the time pod and end up in a lower part of Elysium when it was still intact. Goal remembers the day: it is the day on which her younger version and Cletus leave to Deponia to verify if it is still habituated. Goal steals the time pod, as she wants to change her fate, leaving Rufus and McChronicle behind. Rufus wants to stop the Goal of the current timeline from leaving to Deponia. That's why he wants to consult the "Elder Ones" but they only meet in a few days. Rufus needs to find out a way how to setup the meeting immediately. The "First Elder" is having a massage. The "Second Elder" only wants to cooperate in case Rufus is able to create a new friendly kind of pet by mixing DNA-samples of different breeds. Although Rufus is able to create such animal, he also creates the evil Fewlock. The "Third Elder" wants improvements in the quality of served food and drinks. The "Fourth Elder" only wants to have a meeting in case someone earns at least 10 000 points in the fun center or in case a disaster turns up.

Meanwhile, the DNA-machine created a lot of Fewlocks which are attacking Elysium so the council is set up. Rufus convinces them: if he travels some hours back in past, he can stop Goal and can prove he is an inhabitant of Deponia. The whole mission and plan to destroy the planet can be cancelled. In meantime the time was already turned back some times and McChronicle suspects someone is messing up with his car at Deponia which creates the repeating time loop. As long the time loop is not broken, current events will repeat for eternity. McChronicle thinks all of this can be undone in case he is stopped with his car on the day he is on his way to Rufus' town.

Rufus can convince Goal in one of those time loops not to go to Deponia and threatens to blow up Elysium. To his surprise, the Fewlocks also exists in this time loop although he has not created them yet. Rufus, Goal and McChronicle escape with a parachute and end up in a run-down amusement park. There Rufus wants to hire a "love boat" to travel to McChronicle's village, but the owner only allows this if Rufus can prove "he has a girlfriend for life", but Goal is not willing to cooperate, so he creates a dummy doll to take the picture. Once in McChronicles's village, it turns out they are late. The McChronicle of this timeline left at least two hours ago. With help of some students, Rufus develops a machine to detect wormholes and another one to make such wormholes bigger so he fits them. One of those wormholes ends up in "interim time": a place with only a past and present, but no future. Over there he meets a retired version of Goal and McChronicle’s grandfather. After this world is also taken over by Fewlocks they are able to travel back to Deponia. They end up at the time he and McChronicle left after the city got in fire. Outside Rufus is hit by McChronicle's car, but not hurt. Due to this action, McChronicle drives back home so the time loop with the broken glasses has ended. Next they are taken as prisoner by the "pink elephant": they are inhabitants of Utopia. They were using McChronicle car and are the owners of the time-pod which was hidden in the mall. Not much later, the Rufus of this timeline also turns up. According to the Utopians there are multiple time loops which interfere with each other resulting the past already repeated uncountable amount of times. Due to all these time loops there are multiple versions of Rufus and Goal who all want to fix the future on their own way. The Goal-version who stole the time-pod earlier, always travels to the point where Rufus falls of Elysium. The second loop is the one Rufus created by using McChronicle’s car. In another time loop an old Rufus wants to destroy Deponia. However, the actual explosion never takes place as a time loop brings him back at the point where the young Rufus awakens thinking he had a nightmare. According to the Utopians there is only one way to stop all the loops. That's why Rufus returns to the time-stamp on which his alter-ego, disguised as Cletus, is about the fall from Elysium. There he convinces the current Goal and interfering Goal to let him and his alter-ego go so they fall down and die in the crash. Only in case both of them die, the time loops are broken and past will not repeat.


In the final scene the Utopians have taken Goal to the time-stamp on which Elysium crashed. She settles on Deponia and grieves nobody will remember Rufus and what he did to prevent the demolition of Deponia twice.