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/se3-unattended/var/se3/unattended/install/bin/ -> appsonly.bat (source)

   1  echo off
   2  REM batch file for apps-only-installs
   3  REM contributed by Gerhard Hofmann, gerhard.hofmann@planat.de
   4  REM Release 2008.07.29
   5  REM History
   6  REM =======
   7  REM 01-Feb-2005
   8  REM first release
   9  REM 02-Feb-2005
  10  REM now Z_USER and Z_PATH are set as environment variables
  11  REM 03-Feb-2005
  12  REM fixed invocation of perl.bat
  13  REM if activating autologin, given user will be created
  14  REM 17-Mar-2005
  15  REM moved all files from \\server\install to \\server\install\bin
  16  REM moved download location for the script to the Unattended WIKI http://www.ubertechnique.com/unattended/Scripts
  17  REM find out a free drive letter instead of hard coded z:
  18  REM use %USERNAME% as autologin user
  19  REM 21-Apr-2005
  20  REM in some cases c:\netinst and c:\netinst\logs directories were not created -> fixed
  21  REM %USERDOMAIN% is now passed as an argument when invoking autolog.pl
  22  REM 04-May-2005
  23  REM multi-choice-dialog will now explicitely call choice.exe file in \\server\install\bin,
  24  REM it turned out that Windows 2003 Server has its own choice.exe that has different parameters
  25  REM 12-May-2005
  26  REM handle existing c:\netinst\todo.txt
  27  REM 18-May-2005
  28  REM hide the autologin password while it is being typed
  29  REM 23-May-2005
  30  REM better handling of install dir mapping
  31  REM 31-May-2005
  32  REM fixed Z_PATH setting
  33  REM 16-Sep-2005
  34  REM show a list of already used drive letters
  35  REM 20-Mar-2006
  36  REM use %SystemDrive% instead of hard-coded c:
  37  REM skipped usage of /persistent:no flag because of problems with Vista Preview Releases
  38  REM 27-Mar-2006
  39  REM added conf. section
  40  REM optional deletion of existing drive mappings (will "free" drive z:)
  41  REM
  42  REM 02-Jul-2008
  43  REM *** integration of appsonly script into official CVS repository ***
  44  REM 03-Jul-2008
  45  REM autologin now always turned off after application installation
  46  REM 11-Jul-2008
  47  REM added possibility to directly pass autologin password and up to 8 .bat
  48  REM file names (suppresses any dialogs)
  49  REM 29-Jul-2008
  50  REM fix: autologin now correcty set when providing autologin password by command line argument
  52  REM ==== conf. section begin ====
  53  REM delete existing mappings? (no/yes)
  54  set deleteexistingmappings=yes
  55  REM ==== conf. section end ======
  58  REM Download and usage
  59  REM ==================
  60  REM up-to-date version always here: http://unattended.cvs.sourceforge.net/unattended/unattended/install/bin/
  61  REM place appsonly.bat, appsonly.pl, choice.exe, setenv.exe, pathman.exe into \\server\install\bin
  62  REM invoke the script with -> Start -> Run -> \\server\install\bin\appsonly.bat
  63  REM    - OR -
  64  REM double click appsonly.bat to run from an already mapped network drive
  65  REM
  66  REM avoiding dialogs:
  67  REM  \\server\install\bin\appsonly.bat autologinpassword scriptfile1.bat scriptfile2.bat...
  70  REM delete existing mappings if configured
  71  if %deleteexistingmappings%==yes net use * /delete /y
  74  REM make sure that directories %SystemDrive%\netinst and %SystemDrive%\netinst\logs exist
  75  if not exist %SystemDrive%\netinst md %SystemDrive%\netinst
  76  if not exist %SystemDrive%\netinst\logs md %SystemDrive%\netinst\logs
  78  REM preferrably, we will use drive z: for install dir mapping
  79  set  z=z:
  81  REM I assume that this batch file is called as UNC path
  82  REM \\server\install\bin\appsonly.bat
  83  REM \\server\install will be mapped to z: or other free drive
  84  set scriptdir=%~dp0
  85  set scriptdir=%scriptdir%*
  86  set scriptdir=%scriptdir:\*=%
  87  set scriptdir=%scriptdir:\bin=%
  89  REM if script was called as "z:\bin\appsonly.bat" we can just keep the mapping
  90  if exist %z%\bin\appsonly.bat goto mappingdone
  92  REM if %z%\bin\appsonly.bat does not exist we have to run net use command to map install dir
  93  net use %z% %scriptdir%
  94  if errorlevel 1 goto userinput
  95  if errorlevel 0 goto mappingdone
  96  REM too bad, mapping failed, will have to ask user for free drive letter and UNC path
  97  :userinput
  98  echo showing list of already used drive letters...
  99  net use
 100  set /p z="Please enter a free driver letter for install dir mapping (with trailing colon): "
 101  set /P scriptdir="Please enter UNC path of your install share, for example \\server\install: "
 102  REM try it again with user-provided data
 103  net use %z% %scriptdir%
 104  REM still no success? -> abort everything
 105  if errorlevel 1 goto end
 107  :mappingdone
 109  REM set Z, Z_USER, Z_PATH variables permanently for PCs
 110  REM where OS was *not* installed with unattended
 111  REM set some variables *only for the current* to directly pass
 112  REM parameters (autologin password, .bat file names) to appsonly.pl
 113  set path=%path%;%scriptdir%\bin
 114  setenv -m Z_USER %username%
 115  setenv -m Z_PATH %scriptdir%
 116  set Z_PATH=%scriptdir%
 117  setenv -m Z %Z%
 118  REM pass command line arguments (if given) to appsonly.pl
 119  REM for installs without any dialogs
 120  set autologinpwd=%1
 121  set script1=%2
 122  set script2=%3
 123  set script3=%4
 124  set script4=%5
 125  set script5=%6
 126  set script6=%7
 127  set script7=%8
 128  set script8=%9
 131  REM check for existing todo.txt
 132  if not exist %SystemDrive%\netinst\todo.txt goto proceed
 133  echo Have found an existing todo.txt, probably from a previous, defective run,
 134  echo press a key to view the file
 135  pause
 136  more %SystemDrive%\netinst\todo.txt
 137  %z%\bin\choice.exe /C:dk (d)elete or (k)eep the file? If unsure, choose (d)elete:
 138  if errorlevel 2 goto proceed
 139  if errorlevel 1 del %SystemDrive%\netinst\todo.txt 
 140  :proceed
 142  if exist %SystemDrive%\perl\bin\perl.exe goto runperlscript
 143  call %z%\scripts\perl.bat
 145  :runperlscript
 146  %z%\bin\appsonly.pl
 148  :end

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