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📰 Title: Clonk Rage 🕹️ / 🛠️ Type: Game
🗃️ Genre: Management 🚦 Status: 04. Released (status)
🏷️ Category: Management ➤ Colony ➤ Misc. 🌍️ Browser version:
🔖 Tags: Action; Tactical; Fighting; Arena Shooter; Worms; Sandbox; Resource Management; Mining; Digging; Destruction; Grappling Hook; 2D engine; Physics; Moddable; Level Editor; Weather; Day & Night; Fog of War; Co-op; Local Co-op; Local Multi; Online Multi; Competitive; Split Screen; Gamepad 📦️ Package Name:
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🏛️ License type: 🕊️ FOSS with NC | ND 📦️ Flatpak package:
🏛️ License: Code: ISC / Artwork: CC BY-NC 📦️ AppImage package:
🏝️ Perspective: Side view 📦️ Snap package:
👁️ Visual: 2D Scrolling ⚙️ Generic binary: ✓
⏱️ Pacing: Real Time 📄️ Source: ✓
👫️ Played: Single & Multi 📱️ PDA support:
🎖️ This record: 5 stars 🕳️ Not used:
🎀️ Game design: 👫️ Contrib.: goupildb & Louis
🎰️ ID: 10609 🐛️ Created: 2010-08-20
🐜️ Updated: 2023-04-10

📖️ Summary

[en]: The last title in the Clonk series (started in 1994), a single/multi real-time, multi-platform and (now) libre action game, where the player control a single Clonk, a small humanoid being who is assigned different objectives according to the gameplay retained, on a destructible and malleable landscape. The highlights of this game are its great freedom of action, its variety of gameplay and maps (hundreds) and its physics engine. This game has been followed by OpenClonk. [fr]: Le dernier titre de la série Clonk (démarrée en 1994), un jeu d'action temps réel, multi-plateforme et (à présent) libre se jouant en solo / multi, dans lequel le joueur dirige un Clonk, un petit être humanoïde qui se voit attribuer différents objectifs en fonction des gameplay retenus, sur un terrain destructible et malléable. Les points forts de ce jeu sont sa grande liberté d'action, sa variété de gameplay et de cartes (plusieurs centaines) et son moteur physique. Ce jeu a donné suite à OpenClonk.

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📕 Description [en]


Clonk Rage is the current stable 2D title of the Clonk series.

The main focus of Clonk Rage is on the new fullscreen menu for player management and scenario selection which comes in proper gaming style and transitions smoothly into the actual game worlds. Players new to Clonk will find a completely reworked mode of control much closer to the principles of well known Jump'n'Run games.

The network code has been completely rewritten and now allows considerably faster internet play while still supporting the physically demanding landscape simulation of Clonk. This is complemented by numerous additional networking features such as a lobby, chat, and a new league server.

Clonk Rage is the first Clonk game to be released simultaneously for the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms.

🌍️ Wikipedia:

Clonk is a single player and multiplayer computer game series. The games feature a mix of the action, real-time strategy and platform game genres. Developed between 1994 and 2014 by RedWolf Design the games of the series were originally released as Shareware and became around 2008/2014 Freeware and open source software. The game's community develops since then the series under the name OpenClonk. The game series was compared and described as mixture of Worms, The Settlers, Tetris, Lemmings and Minecraft. The game was noted for the easy game "extension" mechanic with an integrated editor and developer mode, which allows experienced players to create their own modifications directly into the game.


In Clonk, the player controls small, humanoid beings - the so-called Clonks - within a two-dimensional, dynamically modifiable landscape using keyboard or mouse. Clonks interact with their surrounding landscape, animals, weather, buildings and objects. The game can be played alone or in multiplayer in split-screen or via local network or Internet. Four different keyboard settings, combined with the option of using a mouse or gamepad, result in allowing up to six players on one computer. The game goal depends on the scenario being played, varying between melees, in which players fight each other, strategical team siege scenarios and cooperative missions.


The expandability of the games is a core gameplay aspect and feature of the Clonk series. Several extensions were made over the years and offered for the registered users of the game. There are medieval (Knights), futuristic (Hazard), fantasy and "Cowboys and Indians" (Western) themed packs available. An elaborated scenario extension is Far worlds which features the deep sea, jungle and Arctic. The Western object pack was originally created for a design contest, but has been developed into an official extension.

Community made extensions

Additionally, many unofficial extensions have been created by players. One example is the modern military-combat extension called "First Aid Pack", which includes various weapons, vehicles, and scenarios in a modern-combat setting.

Since the release of Clonk Planet, players may start a development of their own extension by using the integrated developer mode. It's possible to add new objects (such as Clonks, weapons, buildings, etc.), scenarios or complete packs such as the official Extensions. Many players have used these options and created extension packs, which can be downloaded from the fan sites.

The Comprehensive Clonk Archive Network (short: CCAN) is one of central hubs for the Clonk community to share self-made extensions for the game. Also, extensions for older (freeware) versions of Clonk can be downloaded there.


Between 1994 and 1996 RedWolf Design, with the German lead developer Matthes Bender, created four Clonk games for the MS-DOS/PC platform. The games of the series were released and commercialized as Shareware.

In 1999 RedWolf released their first Windows Clonk game, Clonk 4 (in retail release under the name Clonk World).

Starting from 2001, RedWolf Design stopped development of the 2D engine based Clonk Planet and started developing Clonk Extreme with the Torque Game Engine. "Clonk Extreme" - short "ClonkX" - was supposed to transform the game principle of Clonk into a 3D-game. It is also the first game title that doesn't support the digging mechanic. On the development end of Clonk Planet, the source code of its 2D engine was released, which attracted a team of players who developed Clonk Planet: Golden Wipf Edition - short GWE. Within this fan-project, several sorely missed features have been implemented, such as more editability and modern 32-bit color graphics.

• MS-DOS games
➜1994 - Clonk 1
➜1994 - Clonk 2 Debakel
➜1995 - Clonk A.P.E. (Advanced Player Edition)
➜1996 - Clonk 3 Radikal

• Windows games
➜1998 - Clonk 4
➜1999 - Clonk Planet
➜2001 - Golden Wipf Edition (unofficial extension for Clonk Planet, basis of Clonk Endeavour)
➜2004 - Clonk Endeavour

• Cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
➜2008 - Clonk Rage
➜frozen - Clonk Extreme (frozen project)
➜2010 - OpenClonk (open-source community continuation)

Revival of the series

Later, in 2003, RedWolf Design revived the series 2D branch by collaborating with the GWE team and derived the next official Clonk title called "Clonk Endeavour" from the previous GWE 4. The new Clonk title Clonk Endeavour got positive attention when it was presented on the Games Convention in Leipzig and won a newcomer contest held by GIGA TV. Clonk Endeavour was sold in the CD version for €25 and as digital download for €15.

The development continued, and several extensions such as a new network architecture for faster internet games and a fullscreen menu system were being developed. The development led to a new sequel, Clonk Rage, which became the officially current version on May 5, 2008. Its predecessor, Clonk Endeavour, was released as Freeware a couple of days later.

The other 3D development branch, Clonk Exreme, progressed slowly, and in 2008 only early alpha versions, some screenshots and one preview video of the game were available. Clonk Extreme was announced with a release date in 2050, but it was later found to be an April Fools' Day joke. However, In 2009 RedWolf Design's leader Matthes Bender announced he would be working on other projects, and the Clonk Extreme development was frozen without probable continuing development.

Development of Clonk Rage has been continued until May 2014. In 2014 the forums of Clonk have been closed, and on end-of-support of all available Clonk versions, their engine source and game content have been released under open-source licenses to the community.

Specifically, Clonk 1 to 3 Borland Turbo C++ code, Clonk Planet v4.65 & Clonk Endeavour v4.95.5 (engines only) VC6 code and Clonk Rage's current development prototype were released under the "Clonk Source Code License (ISC License)".

The content of all the games in the series was released under the CC BY-NC Creative Commons license, making them freely shareable and downloadable Freeware.

OpenClonk Community continuation

OpenClonk is an open source continuation based on "Clonk Rage" by a community of Clonk enthusiasts and former Clonk developers alike. It is not officially developed by RedWolf Design.

OpenClonk is licensed under the ISC license with the content under CC BY-SA (or more permissive).

OpenClonk is the first Clonk game not to support backwards compatibility for previous expansion packs. Since the requirement for backwards compatibility has been dropped, many new features have been implemented into OpenClonk. Some features include 3D graphics, traditional Run and Gun controls, a zooming camera, and a completely redesigned base objects pack. Though OpenClonk supports 3D graphics, the game world remains a 2D platformer. Development happens on a git repository and is of March 2017 active with regularly releases and nightly builds.


In 2004 Clonk Endeavour got some attention when it was presented on the Games Convention in Leipzig and won a newcomer contest held by GIGA TV.

In 2007 German computer magazine lists Clonk Planet with 4/5 stars. German gaming website reviewed Clonk Rage in 2009 and gave 7.5/10 points.

A Russian game magazine's review called Clonk Planet "a plotless masterpiece" comparable with Tetris and Lemmings.

The game was reviewed by several other German game magazines.

📕 Description [fr]

Un jeu mettant en scène les Clonks, de petits êtres humanoïdes, avec plusieurs types de gameplay, par le studio RedWolf Design (Matthes Bender)

Clonk Rage est le dernier titre de la série Clonk (démarrée en 1994), un jeu d'action temps réel, multi-plateforme et (à présent) libre se jouant en solo ou en multi (coop ou compétitif, en écran partagé, en LAN ou en ligne), dans lequel le joueur dirige un Clonk, un petit personnage humanoïde qui se voit attribuer différents objectifs en fonction des gameplay retenus, sur un terrain destructible et malléable. Les points forts de ce jeu sont sa grande liberté de gameplay, sa variété de gameplay, de cartes (plusieurs centaines) et son moteur physique. Le jeu a donné suite à OpenClonk.

En mode "Colonisation", le ou les joueurs (en coop) bâtiront une colonie et se verront affecter un objectif complémentaire en fonction du scénario. En mode "Affrontement" les joueurs s'élimineront selon différents gameplay, en rounds de 5-30 mins. La série Clonk commerciale est à présent arrêtée, et son code source a été libéré et repris sous le projet OpenClonk (dans le Bottin), la rétro-compatibilité a été cependant abandonnée au profit d'une amélioration des possibilités.

OpenClonk et Clonk se distinguent par une grande liberté de gameplay : sur un terrain malléable et destructible le joueur dirige son personnage, creuse des galeries, extrait un certain nombre de matières premières (or, bois, ...) qu'il utilise et transforme pour atteindre ses objectifs.
Un moteur physique prend en charge le réalisme des éléments physiques (l'eau coule, la pierre nécessite des explosifs pour être creusée, la lave brûle, le feu se propage en fonction du vent, ...) mais aussi la gestion de la météo (pluie, vent, nuit, jour, ...).

Voir aussi / See also: Clonk Rage, OpenClonk,

Clonk Rage est le titre 2D actuel et stable de la série Clonk.

L'accent principal de Clonk Rage a porté sur le nouveau menu plein écran pour la gestion des joueurs et la sélection de scénario dans un style approprié permettant une transition vers les mondes de jeu actuels. Les nouveaux arrivants sur Clonk trouveront un mode de contrôle complètement retravaillé plus proche des principes des jeux Jump'n'Run bien connus.

Le code réseau a été entièrement réécrit et permet à présent un jeu internet beaucoup plus rapide tout en supportant l'exigence physique de la simulation de paysage de Clonk. Ceci est complété par de nombreuses fonctionnalités de réseau supplémentaires telles qu'un client lobby, un chat et un nouveau serveur de ligue.

Clonk Rage est le premier jeu Clonk à être diffusé simultanément sur les plateformes Windows, Linux et Macintosh.