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Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

🗃️ Specifications

📰 Title: Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse 🕹️ / 🛠️ Type: Game
🗃️ Genre: Adventure & Action 🚦 Status: 04. Released (status)
🏷️ Category: Adventure & Action ➤ Classical ➤ Criminal investigation 🌍️ Browser version:
🔖 Tags: Adventure; Conspiracy; Story Rich; Puzzle; Mystery; Detective; Atmospheric; Classic; Hand-Drawn; Controller 📦️ Package Name:
🐣️ Approx. start: 2013-12-04 📦️ Arch package:
🐓️ Latest: 2017-03-10 📦️ RPM package:
📍️ Version: Latest: 20170310 📦️ Deb package:
🏛️ License type: 💰 Commercial 📦️ Flatpak package:
🏛️ License: Commercial 📦️ AppImage package:
🏝️ Perspective: Third person 📦️ Snap package:
👁️ Visual: 2D ⚙️ Generic binary:
⏱️ Pacing: Point and Click 📄️ Source:
👫️ Played: Single 📱️ PDA support:
🎖️ This record: 5 stars 🕳️ Not used:
🎀️ Game design: 👫️ Contrib.: goupildb & Louis
🎰️ ID: 10184 🐛️ Created: 2012-08-24
🐜️ Updated: 2023-02-12

📖️ Summary

[en]: The 5th installment in a series of point-and-click adventures featuring George Stobbart, a fearless American lawyer and reluctant hero, and Nicole Collard, a sassy French freelance journalist. They both happen to be in Paris at an art gallery for an exhibition that his company is insuring, when a thief steals a mysterious painting "La Maledicció", killing the gallery's owner in the process. The two friends embark on a new investigation that will lead them to the trail of art dealers and gnostics. [fr]: Le 5ème opus d'une série de pointer-et-cliquer d'aventures mettant en scène George Stobbart, un avocat américain intrépide et héros malgré lui, et Nicole Collard, une journaliste free-lance française impertinente. Ils se retrouvent tout deux par hasard à Paris dans une galerie d'art pour une exposition que sa compagnie assure, quand un voleur s'empare d'un mystérieux tableau "La Maledicció", tuant au passage le propriétaire de la galerie. Les deux amis se lancent alors à nouveau dans une enquête qui les mènera sur la piste de trafiquants d'œuvres d'art et de gnostiques.

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📕 Description [en]

📕🐧"The 5th installment in a series of point-and-click adventures featuring George Stobbart, a fearless American lawyer, & Nicole Collard, a French freelance journalist"🐧📕

Paris in the spring. Shots ring out from a gallery...

A robbery – a murder – and the beginning of another epic, original Broken Sword adventure.

An adventure that will hurl intrepid lawyer George Stobbart and sassy journalist Nico Collard onto the trail of a murderous conspiracy forged in the cauldron of war-torn Europe. A conspiracy whose roots lie in mysteries older than the written word.

Armed only with logic, integrity and a wry sense of humour - can George and Nico outwit evil forces both ancient and modern and save mankind from disaster? From a Curse forged by the Devil himself?

Broken Sword is one of the world´s best loved adventure series, having been played by over 10 million players and earned exceptional reviews (including a Metacritic score of 91% for Broken Sword: Director’s Cut on iPhone). Broken Sword – the Serpent’s Curse builds on this rich heritage. The game is unashamedly 2D employing classical layout artists from studios such as Disney, Aardman, Universal and many others to create sumptuous, classically drawn backgrounds.

Broken Sword - the Serpent’s Curse is the latest game in the iconic Broken Sword series and will be released in late 2013 on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita.

We thank all those who supported the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign which made the development of this game possible.

🌍️ Wikipedia:

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse is the fifth title in the Broken Sword series of adventure video games, developed and published by Revolution Software, for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation Vita (via the PlayStation Network), Android and iOS. The game was released in two episodes: the first was made available on 4 December 2013; the second was released on 17 April 2014 for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. It was announced on 23 August 2012, along with a Kickstarter project; it was launched for the development of the game, which had been self-funded until the launch, to be completed. The game is presented in HD and returns to the series' 2D roots, with 3D characters pre-rendered and saved in 2D frames. The majority of the funding for the game was raised through Kickstarter, more than $771,000 of the requested $400,000 were raised, and together with PayPal donations, over $823,000.



Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse is a 2D adventure game played from a third-person perspective. Via a point and click or touch user interface, the player will guide protagonists George Stobbart and Nicole "Nico" Collard. One of the new gameplay elements explored in the game will be the manipulation and combining of knowledge, so the player will have to connect threads of knowledge in order to draw logical conclusions, allowing him to proceed. While death scenes were removed from The Shadow of the Templars' director's cut (2009), in The Serpent's Curse, the player character's death will be possible if the player will make a wrong decision or won't complete an action quickly enough; however, unlike in the original two Broken Sword games, where the player then started off from the last save point, he will restart from right before the death scene, like in the 3D titles.

The player will have the option to choose between the modern and the classic inventory, the latter being in the fashion of the first two Broken Sword games, and the former in the fashion of their 2009 and 2010 Broken Sword remakes. The player will also have the option of switching the hint system or hotspot highlights on or off.

Plot synopsis

The game opens in 1937 in Catalonia, Spain, when a painting is seized by a man and his fascist army. The game then jumps to modern day Paris, whereupon George and Nico meet by chance at an exhibition at a Parisian art gallery, where they witness a man disguised as a pizza courier shooting the gallery owner, Henri, and stealing the seemingly worthless painting - la Maledicció. Meanwhile, a priest at the exhibition, Father Simeon, claims that the painting is cursed. George investigates Vera Security, and finds the weapon used in Henri's murder, and Nico traces ownership of the painting. Comparing notes, they discover that Medovsky is both the owner of the painting and of Vera and now lives in London. By phoning Waterloo Motors, a motor-bike repair shop in London, that his driver is a regular customer.

Nico is also met by Marquès, just as he enters the apartment. Marquès shows them a medallion with an Ouroboros, the symbol of Gnostics, a branch of Christianity persecuted in France by the Vatican Church in the 13th century. Back in the 13th century they fled France after being ruthlessly persecuted by the Vatican. Marquès explains that Fascist soldiers attacked his home and that his father died trying to save the painting.

George and Nico head to London to confront the Russian. After convincing Medovsky’s bodyguard, Shears that they are from the insurance company, George and Nico are led into Medovsky’s study. Medovsky denies any involvement in the robbery and murder, only interested in claiming the insurance, but George explains that he needs proof of ownership, at which point Shears interrupts to inform Medovsky of the presence of a Mr. Hobbs. During the recreation of the crime by the incompetent Inspector Navoe, they meet Langham, an Interpol officer with art crimes, who warns them against pursuing Medovsky further. Investigating further, they learn that the whole affair is an insurance scam between Hobbs, Henri, and Medovsky.

George and Nico head to Bijou's apartment, who now admits that she, Henri and Hobbs were part of Medovsky's scam; Medovsky had commissioned Hobbs to make a forgery – he planned to sell both on the black market. But Hobbs had actually made two forgeries – and passed one back to Medovsky. They were going to run away together with the original and sell to the Gnostics.

Travelling to Spain, they discover that the Marquès family home concealed a hidden Gnostic chapel, and piece together the path the Gnostics followed escaping the Languedoc with the Tabula Veratatis, and learn that the Tabula is hidden in a Monastery in Southern Catalonia. Reaching the monastery, they find the Tabula, along with the corpse of Gehnen, who was trapped with it as he did not have Marquès' medallion. They recover the Tabula, and are ambushed by Langham, who reveals himself as Gehnen's son, and plans to finish his work: to slay Jehovah, one of the dual Gods representing Order, and allow the rule of Lucifer, who represents Freedom and self-expression. They follow Langham to the purported Garden of Eden in Iraq after convincing Shears to betray Medovsky. Reaching Langham in the middle of his ritual, Nico blows out a wall of the cavern. The white light that streams out of the crack disrupts Langham's ritual, and he is obliterated. Having stopped the ritual, Nico gives the Tabula to Eva in custody and be the leader of the Gnostics and she returned to Catalonia. George and Nico almost kiss but are interrupted by Shears with Donna food (the goat).

📕 Description [fr]

Un pointer-et-cliquer d'aventure, par le studio Revolution Software.
Il utilise le moteur Virtual Theatre.

Broken Sword – the Serpent’s Curse est le 5ème opus d'une série de pointer-et-cliquer d'aventures mettant en scène George Stobbart, un avocat américain intrépide et héros malgré lui, et Nicole Collard, une journaliste free-lance française impertinente. Au travers de cette série George et Nico sont involontairement entraînés dans des complots sinistres et terrifiants, les obligeant à dévoiler des mystères anciens et à démêler des mythes à travers le monde. De bons nerfs, de l'habileté et de l'astuce sont indispensables pour conquérir ces aventures intéressantes.
Les 4 opus précédents ont reçus de nombreuses récompenses.

🌍️ Wikipedia:

Les Chevaliers de Baphomet : La Malédiction du serpent (version originale : Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse) est un jeu vidéo d'aventure développé par Revolution Software. Il s'agit du cinquième opus de la série Les Chevaliers de Baphomet. La première partie est sortie le 4 décembre 2013 sur Windows, Mac OS X et Linux puis sur PlayStation Vita, iOS et Android, tandis que la seconde partie est sortie le 16 avril 2014. Le jeu est ensuite commercialisé en version physique complète le 20 juin 2014 sur PC, puis le 4 septembre 2015 sur PlayStation 4 et Xbox One.


Alors que George Stobbart retrouve par hasard Nicole Collard à Paris dans une galerie d'art au cours d'une exposition que sa compagnie assure, un voleur s'introduit dans la galerie et vole un mystérieux tableau "La Maledicció", tuant au passage le propriétaire de la galerie. Les deux amis se lancent alors à nouveau dans une enquête qui les mènera sur la piste de trafiquants d'œuvres d'art et des gnostiques.

Système de jeu

Les Chevaliers de Baphomet : La Malédiction du Serpent se place comme un retour aux sources de la franchise. L'aventure se joue en utilisant une interface de type point and click, au sein de décors dessinés en deux dimensions. Les personnages seront quant à eux modélisés en trois dimensions, pré-rendu et enregistrés en tant que série d'images. Ce choix se justifie par la nécessité de supporter des plateformes aux résolutions extrêmement variables, pour lesquels réaliser à nouveau toute l'animation manuellement serait trop coûteux. Le jeu retournant vers un style en deux dimensions, Revolution s'est entouré de nombreux artistes ayant travaillé pour des entreprises telles que Disney, Aardman ou encore Universal.

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💡️ Commentaires généraux:
Le studio est parvenu à lever les fonds nécessaire sur le site Kickstarter.

Kickstarter est un site de sponsoring de projets permettant - en ce qui concerne les jeux, aux joueurs et aux développeurs de financer le développement de jeux sans le carcan des maisons d'édition. Les studios obtiennent le pré-financement de leur production, les joueurs bénéficient d'avantages proportionnels au montant de leur participation (tarif avantageux, personnalisations, ...) sans garantie de résultat.

Date de sortie :
Financement bouclé fin Septembre 2012 (771 K$ sur Kickstarter).

Le jeu est à présent disponible à la vente.